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Strategies on how to have an effective discussion, both with groups of students and also in your one-to-one ‘private’ lessons

Can Teacher's Book

Adrian Wallwork

Adrian Wallwork is the author of three discussion books for Cambridge University Press, four business English courses for Oxford University Press, ten books on academic English for SpringerNature (plus five on business English and six on general English), along with six books for the BBC, Scholastic and BEP. Read more

Who is this book for?

Teachers of English as a foreign or second language (EFL, ESL) in any part of the world.

What's new?

This teacher’s book covers a wide range of questions and concerns that teachers in many different situations typically have when organizing a discussion in an ESL / EFL class. It is designed to accompany both the Discussions AZ books (CUP), as well as the new series of discussion books.

How are the topics arranged?

The book is divided into three sections.

Section 1 is entitled How to use the Discussions books. It begins by taking a unit from one of the books and details how each exercise could be used. Ideas are also given on how exercises can be extended in several ways in addition to discussion, including suggestions of grammar and writing (based on text or discussion) activities.

Section 2 is in the form of FAQs and covers How to have a good discussion. This format enables teachers to go straight to the answer that they need in order to learn strategies for an effective and enjoyable discussion. There is practical advice on how to deal with sensitive topics with students and about how discussions can elicit interesting and unexpected ideas.

Section 3 contains a list of Useful Phrases that students can use during discussions.

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This teacher's book is designed to:
i) give clear suggestions on how to maximize your use of the Discussions Book Series
ii) complement the two Discussions AZ books published by Cambridge University Press.
Adrian Wallwork

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