You've Never Had

A resource book of 201 exercises for ESL / EFL group lessons

Can Discussions You've Never Had

Adrian Wallwork, Liz Hoeppner and Katie Nevison

Adrian Wallwork is the author of three discussion books for Cambridge University Press, four business English courses for Oxford University Press, ten books on academic English for SpringerNature (plus five on business English and six on general English), along with six books for the BBC, Scholastic and BEP. Read more
Liz Hoeppner Liz studied for her BA in English and American Literature at the University of Kent (2008) followed by an MA in Literary Studies at Aberystwyth University (2011). While studying, she co-hosted student literary conferences and interned at local and national publishing companies, including Honno Press in Wales and Penguin Books in London Read more
Katie Nevison studied English and Creative Writing at Goldsmiths, graduating with First Class Honours. She went on to complete her Masters in the same subject at Royal Holloway University of London, gaining a Distinction. At the time of her contribution to Discussions You’ve Never Had, Katie was teaching English at Wall Street English in Massa (Italy) and working privately with her own students  Read more

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Low-intermediate to advanced, with no adaptation necessary by the teacher.

What's new?

The choice of topic is made by both teachers and students. This gives both teacher and student a feeling of being emancipated from course books. Discussions You've Never Had provide a refreshing alternative to the usual formula of: one topic + many related questions. Instead the formula is MANY TOPICS in the same exercise.

What preparation is involved for the teacher?

Once the Teachers Introduction has been read, the discussions require virtually no preparation. The exercises can be quickly dictated to students, thus no photocopies are required.

What's the duration of a typical exercise?

The discussions can be exploited both as warm ups or as 20-30 minute discussions.

Anything else?

Some of the discussions lend themselves well to practising particular grammar and vocabulary points. It is up to the teacher to decide whether to make such points a focus or not. If they do decide to exploit this element, then in this case the preparation simply involves reading the associated teachers notes.

What format is the book?

The book is only available for purchase on Amazon, in Paperback and Kindle formats. The format for Kindle reads best on a tablet, telephone or laptop. This means that you have the option to project exercises onto a screen / whiteboard for your students to see.

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Discussions You've Never Had is exactly that - around one hundred stimulating discussion topics in an exercise format that has never been used in EFL/ESL.
Adrian Wallwork

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