Here is a logic game and some riddles for your students to work out.

Barrel of laughs

Two baristas in London were looking at a barrel, which was partly filled with beer. One barista said to the other: “Look, it’s more than half full.” To which the other barista replied: “You’re wrong, it’s actually less than half full.” How could they find out, without using any measuring devices or any equipment of any kind, if it was more or less than exactly half?

The riddler

Insert these words in blue into the blank spaces.

age, feathers, holes, months, race, round, success, take

1 If you were in a _____ and passed the person in second place, what place would you be in? Second place!

2 What goes up, but never comes down? Your _____ !

3 What gets bigger and bigger the more you _____ away from it? A hole!

4 How many _____ have 28 days? All of them!

5 Which weighs more, a ton of _____ or a ton of bricks? Neither, they both weigh a ton!

6 What is full of _____ but can still hold water? A sponge!

7 What has two hands, a _____ face, always runs, but stays in place? A clock!

8 Where does _____ come before work? In the dictionary!

key All they need to do is tilt the barrel at 45 degrees. If the edge of the surface of the beer touches the lip of the barrel at the same time as it touches the bottom of the barrel, then it must be half full / empty.   1 race 2 age 3 take 4 months 5 feathers 6 holes 7 round 8 success

Source: Adapted from Word Games, Riddles and Logic Tests – Tax Your Brain and Boost your English, Springer 

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