General English

One hundred warm-ups and games for ESL / EFL classes

Available late 2022

Can Warm Ups - General English

Adrian Wallwork & Anna Southern

Adrian Wallwork is the author of three discussion books for Cambridge University Press, four business English courses for Oxford University Press, ten books on academic English for SpringerNature (plus five on business English and six on general English), along with six books for the BBC, Scholastic and BEPRead more

Anna Southern has a BA Hons degree in French and Sociology, and postgraduate certificates in Development Studies, Public Health, and TEFL. She has worked as: i) Project Manager for both the British Council and the United Nations, both in the UK and overseas; ii) a freelance researcher for Carlton Television and the charity Crisis; iii) a researcher and Project Manager for… Read more

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Who are these books for?

low/mid Intermediate to advanced classes.

How does it work?

Each activity has indications of: minimum level, subject, and related grammar/vocabulary points.

What's new?

The accompanying listening exercises are downloadable for free from here. The speakers in the listening exercises include people of different ages and cultural backgrounds, offering the learner exposure to a wide variety of native and non-native accents.

What preparation is involved for the teacher?

In most exercises, no preparation is required either by the teacher or students. A few exercises may require photocopying, but the majority can simply be explained and/or dictated. There is a short Teacher’s Introduction that also contains ideas for developing other warm up activities.

What's the duration of a typical exercise?

This depends on the students' level of interest and involvement. Most exercises can be used as 10-minute warm ups or lesson fillers, others could potentially develop into full-blown 60-minute discussions.

A teacher’s book containing 100 warm up activities, either invented by the authors or adapted from training manuals and books (originally intended for native speakers).
Adrian Wallwork
Available late 2022