Discussions book series


How can I contact you?

I would like to share a great discussion exercise I have created.

We are always interested in receiving exercises for possible inclusion in new books. You can send them to this address: info@tefldiscussions.com. Whilst we will acknowledge you as the source of the exercise, unfortunately we don’t have the funds to pay you any fee or royalty.

I have an idea for a teacher resource book. Can I send it to you?

Send us some sample exercises rather than a full book proposal. We will then let you know whether or not we are interested in publishing your book.

I have some suggestions on how to improve / modify some of the exercises.

Great. Please send them to: info@tefldiscussions.com

Where can I leave comments and interact with other teachers?

Although you cannot leave comments directly on the site, you can send comments to us using this email address: info@tefldiscussions.com. Experience has taught us that given the controversial nature of some of the topics covered in our books, we might be opening ourselves up to all kinds of inappropriate comments. Our philosophy does not principally involve making a profit, but instead to provide teachers with resources that other publishers are reluctant to publish. This means that we don’t have the funds to have someone monitoring comments on this website.

Can I buy directly from you?

No, the books are only available for purchase on Amazon. However we do have signed copies of The Book of Days for sale.

Why aren't these books published by the original publisher of Discussions AZ?


What's the rationale behind the book covers?

We wanted to do covers that were not recognizable as EFL / ESL books, but that would be instantly recognizable as a series of books. Typically, discussion books have a photo of two or more people (or animals – see Penny Ur’s wonderful zebras!) talking to each other. They also typically have an adjective in their title that describes the kind of conversation e.g. controversial, taboo, compelling, instant etc. We choose to have totally anonymous titles.

How do I download the Teachers Book for Discussions Vols. 1-3?

You can download it here.

I am studying English, are the books suitable for self study?

They are teacher resource books for use in class and were not designed for self study. However, Discussions Volumes 1-3 do contain a lot of very interesting reading texts and related questions, which you might find useful.